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While Midnight Snack FX specializes in animation and VFX, we love to work on projects that touch all aspects of post production. Our team is small by design and grows to the perfect team for each individual project. By keeping our footprint small, we are able to move quickly and partner with loads of talent near and far based on the needs of our clients. Each project is managed with the care and level of detail that we are proud to put our name on.


2D Animation

MSFX can do it all. Typology, Motion Graphics, Character work and pushing the limits of what the two dimension can look like present opportunities to add a little special MSFX sauce on top!



We work closely with a group of freelance editors that we’ve grown to think of as trustworthy extensions of our team. From broadcast campaigns, web videos, social deliverables to case studies, we’ll bring the same enthusiasm and expertise to each project!


3D Animation & Modeling

We love the flexibility and limitlessness that creating a world in 3D can provide. With our team's expertise, we work smarter rather than harder and watch for projects when our clients can do the same. Utilizing 3D assets give you the opportunity to squeeze as much juice from a project as possible. MSFX will prepare an asset library to accompany any final deliverables when applicable.



Getting involved early in the project is always a treat for the Midnight Snackers. We can create boards with brand new designs or fit within an existing brand look and body of work. Starting with design allows us to hit the ground running when animating!


Color Correction

MSFX partners with a group of experts freelance colorists to deliver a rich and beautiful color grade on any live action project. We can work remotely or in-person to accommodate you and your team.



We can take a project from start to final delivery. We are well versed in the latest social specs and our organized finishers will conform assets from our team or other vendors to get you over the finish line.


Audio Record & Mixing

We have grown great relationships with the audio engineers that we tap to bring the best sounding records and mixes that accompany our videos or radio spots.



Our expertise also extends to tracking, stabilizing, cleaning up, and compositing footage. The beauty of working with MSFX is that any edit is viewed through the eyes of the finisher and issues will be addressed early on in the project.

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